Isle of Albion
Header image: Stonehenge
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The most ancient recorded name for the lands of Britain - England, Scotland and Wales. This is the Britain where I lived as a child and it's the Britain to which I still venture whenever I hear it call. 

It's also the Britain that I seek to capture in images, in the hope that others might see them and be inspired to listen more carefully in the gloaming hour for the whispering of our fey past. 

Walk out when you hear that voice and look for the paths trod by our ancestors, for they lead to ancient places - places where the stones have stories for those with an ear to listen.

Isle of Albion News - October 2014

With autumn tightening its grip, I headed up to spend a couple of weeks in the Oban area of Scotland. In the time I was there, I was able to visit a total of 26 sites, including some stunning locations on the islands of Mull, Arran, Lismore and Iona. Arran in particular saw the fulfilment of a long-held ambition to photograph the stones of Machrie Moor. Needless to say, all this material will make its way onto The Isle of Albion in due course.

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Winter will see me working my way through the existing backlog of sites, including newly visited locations in the Lake District and Ireland. Additionally, I still have a handful of sites to add from the east of Scotland and the Welsh borders, along with some updated photographs of Castlerigg and Swinside stone circles.

Last updated: Wednesday 18th February 2015