Isle of Albion
Header image: Stonehenge
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The most ancient recorded name for the lands of Britain - England, Scotland and Wales. This is the Britain where I lived as a child and it's the Britain to which I still venture whenever I hear it call. 

It's also the Britain that I seek to capture in images, in the hope that others might see them and be inspired to listen more carefully in the gloaming hour for the whispering of our fey past. 

Walk out when you hear that voice and look for the paths trod by our ancestors, for they lead to ancient places - places where the stones have stories for those with an ear to listen.

Isle of Albion News - November 2013

A last minute trip to Ireland provided a busy week of good weather and excellent photographic opportunities in October. So along with a backlog of Scottish sites, I now have twelve or so Irish sites waiting to be added to Albion from the Wicklow and Kilkenny area, including Kells Priory, St Canice's Cathedral, Dunamase Castle and Athgreany Stone Circle.

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The arrival of autumn also corresponds with The Isle of Albion's arrival on social media. History collides with the present, and regular updates will now be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

Last updated: Sunday 6th July 2014