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Le Tribunal - information and guide

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Stone Row
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Sunday 2nd May 2010
Latitude: 47.7651 Longitude: -1.9896
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Either park in St. Just and walk along the Rue de l'Abbe Corbe until a footpath over the heath becomes visible to the right, or park in the small car park located in the woods near the village to the west. A footpath leads south from there. Follow this path through the complex until Le Tribunal is visible to your left. I didn't find the signposting particularly helpful.

Le Tribunal is a horseshoe-shaped alignment of stones, arranged with the open side facing to the east. Nine stones survive, but most of these have fallen. A single outlier is located in alignment to the east.

Le Tribunal is strangely reminiscent of the British stone circles, given the curving arc that defines it. The stones are impressive and full of character, and each draws the eye in a different way. When taken in context with the rest of the apparently random megalithic clutter that makes up the Saint Just complex, they are utterly baffling.