Isle of Albion
Photographed: Saturday 2nd December 2006
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Pilton is home to another of Glastonbury Abbey's great tithe barns, believed to date from the 13th century. It was hit by lightning in 1963, and the subsequent fire destroyed the roof. It remained in this state until fairly recently, when Michael Eavis funded restoration work out of profits from Glastonbury Festival. The roof has been faithfully restored, using methods and materials appropriate to the time of its original construction. Tiles have been used instead of the later thatch, and the supporting beams are made from English oak. The restoration was completed in 2005, and the barn today looks much as it must have done when it was first built.

It took me a little while to get around to photographing Pilton tithe barn. The first time I visited, it was still surrounded by scaffolding at the tail end of the restoration project. A busy summer schedules meant that I didn't get a chance to visit it until the following winter. It was certainly worth the effort though. The reconstructed barn looks elegant and freshly built, offering an insight into the wealth and importance of the abbey which it served.