Isle of Albion
Rare four-poster monument in the Radnor Valley.
Photographed: Saturday 12th June 2004
Other Names: The Four Kings
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The Four Stones is an incongruous example of the 'four poster' style of arrangement more usually found in Scotland. The circle is about 16ft in diameter and the largest of the stones rises to about 6ft in height. All the stones have a substantial bulk.

These stones have a strong presence in local folklore, with one writer telling us that as late as 1949, the stones were still treated with due reverence by the locals. Welsh folklore tells of a great battle being fought here where four kings were killed and four stones set up to mark their graves. A more recent legend asserts that the stones rise up at night to drink at nearby Hindwell Pool when they hear the bells of Old Radnor church.

With the Cambrian Mountains forming an elegant backdrop, these stones somehow manage to retain a quiet grandeur - despite the diminutive scale of the site.

Seeing the stones sitting quietly in the field, the scene is almost too perfect. They could be as old as time. You can easily picture God looking out towards the Welsh mountains on the horizon and deciding to add the Four Stones with a subtle brush-stroke. This is the work of man though, and for once, his interference has only served to enhance the world's natural beauty rather than detract from it.