Isle of Albion
Well-preserved Iron Age settlement.
Photographed: Monday 9th July 2007
Other Names: Chisylvester
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Chysauster Village is an Iron Age settlement believed to have been occupied from around 100BC up until sometime during the 3rd Century AD, most likely by the Celtic Dumnonii tribe.

The remains of the houses consist of walls that are, for the most part, relatively low-standing, but some sections survive to a height of three metres. The ten houses each consisted of a cluster of thatched rooms arranged around an open, stone-paved central courtyard, with access through a passageway between the exterior walls of two of the rooms. Field systems in the surrounding area suggest an agricultural basis for the community.

Although the ruins aren't visually impressive at first glance, their antiquity makes them truly special. Chysauster is a rare survivor from this period. Most of the houses are arranged in a street formation, and its easy to get a feel for what life was like in this early community, making it a particularly fascinating site to visit.