Isle of Albion
A small Cumbrian reconstructed stone circle.
Photographed: Sunday 13th July 2014
Other Names: Kinniside
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Blakeley Raise is circle is about 18 metres in diameter consisting of 11 stones. The tallest is around 1.5 metres in height, but the remainder are a little smaller. It is built on a plateau of land known as Blakeley Moss with the hill of Blakeley Raise rising up behind.

Blakeley Raise was dismantled in the 18th century by a farmer, and the circle as it's seen today was reconstructed in 1935AD. It is not know if the stones are all in there original positions, or indeed whether today's circle consists of entirely original stones. Two are likely to be authentic, since they were repurposed as gateposts by the farmer who took them down.

Certainly not one of Cumbria's more impressive stone circles, Blakeley Raise is undeniably a little underwhelming. It does however benefit from a striking setting on the moors, with a backdrop of hills surrounding it, and striking views out to the west on a clear day. Blakeley Raise is also a very accessible stone circle, being located right next to the passing road.