Isle of Albion
Huge menhir on the Isle of Arran.
Photographed: Saturday 11th October 2014
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Druid Auchencar is a standing stone situated on the Isle of Arran, located approximately 3 miles to the north of Machrie Moor. The megalith rises to roughly 5m, and is distinctively thin. Originally one of a pair, a second fallen and broken stone lies nearby.

This standing stone is unlike any others on Arran, and is more reminiscent of the sharp, angular stones of Callanish. With views out towards Machrie Bay, the size of the stone makes it highly visible, and it dominates the landscape as you approach it.

Druid Auchencar is potentially overlooked by those visiting its more famous Siblings on Machrie Moor, but it would be a shame to miss this impressive beast. The setting of the stone, its shape, and the abundant lichens that cover it all contribute towards its striking character.