Isle of Albion

Isle of Albion: A Personal Journey


Exploring Britain is my passion. Those who dwell upon Albion are blessed with a diverse landscape, soaked in a rich tapestry of history and mythology. From the mountains of Scotland down to the inlets of the Cornish coast, every corner has a story to tell - a story that's visible in the buildings and ruins that survive all around us. Isle of Albion exists as a result of that passion, and as a result of my desire to share with other people images of the places that I've been lucky enough to visit. It is my hope that through those images, people might be encouraged and inspired to discover this landscape for themselves.

Over the years, this website has evolved through a number of different incarnations. My photography has developed alongside it, from the very early days - twenty years ago now - when I was using an early digital compact camera. My skills and equipment have improved over time, and I now shoot with a full-frame digital SLR and a variety of high quality lenses. Some of the older entries on this site still feature fairly poor quality photographs from my first explorations, but it's my hope that I'll one day be able to revisit all those earlier haunts and capture them once more in fresh images and memories.

My time developing Isle of Albion has been spent hand-in-hand with excitement, wonder, joy, sorrow, disappointment, growth, loss and trauma. Thank you to all those who've shared the good times with me and accompanied me on my adventures. And thank you, my reader, for walking alongside me briefly on my journey. I hope you enjoy the images on this site. They also have their own stories to tell.