Isle of Albion
First Photographed: Saturday 2nd August 2003
Last Photographed: Saturday 2nd June 2007
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The Cove consists of three huge stones. The two that remain standing are 3.1 metres and 1.4 metres in height. The third stone is fallen and cracked, and measures 4.4 metres along its longest axis. Like other cove arrangements, it is speculated that these three stones originally formed an enclosed space, designating an area of ritual activity.

Local legend holds that the stones at Stanton Drew are the remains of a wedding party that was turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath. The two upright cove stones are purportedly the bride and groom, and the recumbent stone the inebriated parson.

Fortuitously, the visitor to The Cove will discover that a pub (The Druid's Arms, naturally) has grow up close to the stones. Even better, the visitor will discover that the stones are now enclosed within the confines of the pub's beer garden (access is available even when the pub is closed). As beer gardens go, it's a very pleasant one, with a wonderfully elevated view from which to watch the sun set on a summer's evening. Nowhere else in the country can you experience the pleasure of a cold pint in such close proximity to ancient megaliths.