Isle of Albion
First Photographed: Wednesday 23rd August 2006
Last Photographed: Tuesday 4th September 2007
Other Names: Caiseal Coillte
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Cashelkeelty south east is the remains of a small stone circle and adjacent stone row. The circle consists of three remaining stones of an original five, with a diameter of around 2 metres. The two upright stones rise to about 0.6 metres. The tallest stone in the adjacent row is approximately 3 metres tall. The centre of the circle contains a capped burial pit.

The walk to Cashelkeelty is a brisk and mildly exerting climb up through woodland and then out into spectacular terrain beneath the mountains of the Beara peninsula. Although the circle is incomplete, its diminutive stature is enhanced by the unusual arrangement of the adjacent row, and the bleak but beautiful backdrop of the surrounding scenery.