Isle of Albion
Surrounded by the mountainous terrain of the Beara penninsula.
Photographed: Wednesday 23rd August 2006
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Shronebirrane is a stone circle approximately 7 metres in diameter. It consists of 9 stones - 7 standing and 2 fallen. It is estimated that there were once a further 4 stones, but these are now missing. The tallest stone dominates the ring and is approximately 2.6 metres in height.

Shronebirrane nestles in a narrow valley, surrounded on all sides by the mountainous terrain of the Beara peninsula. The dark and foreboding peaks that rise directly over the stones provide a brooding backdrop that lends a powerful and moody atmosphere. The stones are slender and craggy, leaning in upon their central axis like the clenched fingers of a skeletal fist.

The circle tends to attract negative comment due to the close proximity of a modern bungalow. Although this is far from ideal, the stones are sufficiently striking to command the visitor's attention, pushing the dwelling out of conscious thought. The stark scenery is powerfully evocative, easily dominating the site and relegating the bungalow to a mere footnote. Providing the residents aren't at home (which will also save you the 2 Euro access fee!), this is a peaceful and magical site that's well worth a visit.