Isle of Albion
Part of the St Just megalithic complex.
First Photographed: Sunday 2nd May 2010
Last Photographed: Sunday 9th May 2010
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The St. Just complex consists of a large number of megalithic remains located on the Cojoux heaths just outside the village of St. Just. It contains stone rows, tombs, cairns, burial chambers, standing stones, and even half a stone circle.

The complex is a rambling megalithic wonderland, with something new to discover at every turn. So profuse are the stone remains, that it's impossible to make any sense of their pattern. The heath rises up above the surrounding landscape, and the views over the gently rolling fields of the French countryside are frequently stunning. The trail culminates at the top of a cliff, looking down onto Le Canut river - a truly spectacular panorama which really has to be seen to be appreciated.

The first time I visited during May, the area was deserted. I only saw one other person during the duration of the walk. I visited again a week later, and on that occasion the complex seemed to be a popular destination for an afternoon walk, and I encountered many other people along the trail.

The Cojoux alignments are the first remains encountered when following the trail from the village. Consisting of three stone rows, this is arguably the most impressive of the bunch. The stones of the northern row are unassuming quartz affairs, while the southern row is made up of tall, imposing pillars of distinct character, thin and elegant, curiously reminiscent of Callanish.