Isle of Albion
Hidden away off the back lanes of Dartmoor.
Photographed: Monday 2nd May 2005
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Brisworthy is a restored circle consisting of 27, granite, quartz-veined stones. At the time the work was carried out in 1909, only three remained standing. Originally, the circle is believed to have featured 42 stones. Despite this, it still manages to feel surprisingly complete.

My first impression of Brisworthy was somewhat unfortunate. The 'hamlet' of Brisworthy is an absolute dump. It's a dead-end full of abandoned, rotting vehicles and other general farm rubbish. The whole area has an aura of neglect and decay. This is the closest the UK gets to hill-billy country and I was distinctly nervous parking my car here. Reports from other visitors suggest that the local farmer is less than welcoming.

Fortunately, once past this eyesore, you're soon out onto spectacular open moorland. After a relatively short walk, you'll see the circle from some distance before reaching it.

Despite the diminutive nature of the stones, it's really quite a stunner. The bleak backdrop evokes a wonderful sense of wilderness, creating a wild and rugged atmosphere. Great place for a picnic if the wind ever dies down!