Isle of Albion
Satellite stone circle to Callanish on the Isle of Lewis.
Photographed: Sunday 11th July 2010
Other Names: Callanish III
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Cnoc Fillibhear Bheag (pronounced 'kroc fill-i-ver veg', and also known as 'Callanish III') consists of two concentric stone circles (actually ellipses), with eight stones remaining in the outer ring, and four in the inner ring. The outer ring is roughly 14 metres in diameter at its widest point. Five other fallen stones also survive.

It has been speculated that Callanish aligns to a landscape feature bearing a resemblance to a reclining female figure, referred to locally as 'Cailleach na Mointeach' - Gaelic for 'Old woman of the moors'. Similarly, it has been suggested that the obviously phallic stone at Ceann Hulavig is aligned in that direction, addressing the three stones that lie between them. These may represent the three aspects of the goddess - maiden, mother and crone.

Cnoc Fillibhear Bheag is another of the Callanish satellite sites neglected (thankfully) by the vast majority of tourists. It's within spitting distance of the main site, and it seems crazy that so few people make the effort to see it. For my money, it's the best of the non-Callanish sites on Lewis, spectacularly positioned with sweeping views out over the surrounding landscape, offering a fantastic platform from which to view the silhouetted figures of the Callanish stones lined up against the sky. Positively soaked in atmosphere, with stones that ooze character, this is a magnificent site and a definite "must see".