Isle of Albion
Captivating site overlooking the bridge to the island of Bernera.
Photographed: Tuesday 13th July 2010
Other Names: Callanish VIII, Cleitir
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Bernera Bridge Circle is a ruined stone circle perched on the edge of Cleitir Hill (a Gaelic version of the name "Klettr" - a Viking word meaning "rocky hillside") overlooking the sea. Four stones remain standing, and it is assumed that the rest of the circle collapsed into the water following erosion.

This is an absolutely captivating site. The location is perfect, and the views stunning. Utterly peaceful and relaxing. The current state of the site makes it difficult to conceive that this was once a circle - and indeed, its status remains disputed. For what it's worth, it felt very much like a ruined circle to me, so I'm prepared to take it on trust.

This is one of the lesser-known sites on Lewis, and slightly off the beaten track. An information board at the side of the road suggests that the island of Bernera would be devoid of habitation if the bridge hadn't been built linking it to the main island, and it's easy to see how that might be the case. It's sparsely populated as things stand.

When here, it's worth continuing to the end of the island to visit the reconstructed Iron Age long-house, which is situated in a stunningly beautiful bay.