Isle of Albion
Satellite stone circle to Callanish on the Isle of Lewis.
Photographed: Tuesday 13th July 2010
Other Names: Callanish IV
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Ceann Hulavig (pronounced 'kyain hoo-la-vig', and also known as 'Callanish IV') is a small stone circle sitting on a plateaux below a hilltop looking out over Loch Ceann Hulabhig. It consists of five stones in a 10 meter diameter ring. The surrounding land is extremely marshy, while the inside area of the circle is a complete bog. The remains of a small cairn are still visible within the ring.

Ceann Hulavig is a fantastic little circle enjoying a dramatic setting, with spectacular views out over the inlet that separates it from Callanish. On a clear day, it's a refreshing and uplifting site to visit. Even on warm days, the ground is spongy underfoot, so appropriate footwear would be a must in less clement weather.