Isle of Albion
Chambered tomb on the edge of the sea.
Photographed: Tuesday 4th May 2010
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Les Pierres Plats ('the flat stones') is a chambered tomb right at the southern tip of the Locmariaquer peninsula. The front of the tomb is marked by a single menhir. A passage runs from the portal to a length of around 20 metres, curving around to the left. Towards the rear, impressive rock carvings are visible on the large wall stones. Huge, flat capstones are exposed on the top of the tomb.

Les Pierres Plats occupies a dramatic position on the edge of a beach, overlooking the Bay of Biscay. The dark interior requires a torch if the rock carvings are to be seen, and a lot of stooping is also necessary. The height of the passageway is never sufficient to allow standing, but nor is it low enough to require crawling.

This is a spectacular site that's definitely a 'must see'. Additionally, the Locmariaquer peninsula is positively littered with megalithic sites, and a whole day would barely be sufficient for exploring them.