Isle of Albion
Scenic ruins and gardens.
Photographed: Tuesday 11th May 2010
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Abbaye de Beauport was founded in 1202AD as a Premonstratensian religious house, on lands provided by Count Goëlo. Sited upon a prosperous harbour location and aided by numerous privileges granted by papal bull, the abbey flourished and grew during the centuries that followed.

During the latter part of the 18th Century, the abbey began to decline, and it was eventually closed in 1790AD. It fell into the hands of the municipality of Kérity, and was classified as a historic monument in 1862AD.

Today, the abbey has been extensively restored and the ruins are greatly enhanced by an adornment of ivy and wild flowers. The setting is picturesque, with footpaths leading down to the wild salt marshes next to the see, where the monks once grazed their sheep. Stunning views of the abbey can be had from the peninsula that lies to the north.

Sadly, I was only able to visit outside opening hours, but the walks around the ruins still provided a refreshing and enjoyable experience, and hopefully the photographs I managed to take still offer a reasonable impression of this site.