Isle of Albion
Diminutive monument on the edge of Dartmoor.
First Photographed: Wednesday 2nd June 2004
Last Photographed: Saturday 9th April 2005
Other Names: Froggymead
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Fernworthy is a diminutive circle, roughly 60 feet in diameter and containing 27 granite stones. These are all quite small, the tallest being about four feet in height. An avenue of stones runs away to the South, but due to their small size and the surrounding vegetation, these are hard to make out. There are also a couple of cairns buried amongst the trees that may be related to the site and a further stone row close by.

Fernworthy is a fairly underwhelming circle. It doesn't help that it's somewhat dwarfed by the surrounding conifers. A sympathetic backdrop of open moorland might be better suited to its scale, but there's still something appealing about the way it sits cradled amongst the surrounding woods.

This is a pleasant site to visit if you're not expecting something grander. It's easy to be charmed by this little circle - which to me seemed more like a fairy ring from a folk tale than a Neolithic monument. I'm not usually a great fan of pine woods, but there's something about the surrounding trees here that I found really dreamy and pleasant. I think part of it is probably just the tranquillity (we didn't see another soul after parking the car), but there's also something quite magical about the engulfing darkness that stretches out underneath the canopy of the trees, thick moss covering the floor below, illuminated by the occasional shaft of light breaking through from above.