Isle of Albion
Last Update (10.12.2012): I took the pictures featured in this gallery during my very early days of experimenting with a digital SLR. Looking back, the results were pretty poor. For a long time, I excluded this site from The Isle of Albion because I was so unhappy with the images. However, it's an unusual site, and one that I'm not likely to revisit any time soon, so I felt I needed to do something. As a result, I've digitally cleaned and edited the original jpeg images, improving them as far as possible given the limitations of the source files. While the images still aren't great, they should at least give a slightly better impression of the site now.
Ruined stone circle in a bleak and ominous setting.
Photographed: Monday 19th July 2004
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Blakey Topping is the name of the ominous hill that dominates this landscape. The stones that lie nearby are believed to be a ruined stone circle. Only four stones now remain. Of these, the tallest is about 1.6 metres tall. One stone of around 1.3 metres in height now forms part of the field boundary.

The walk to the stones is quite strange. The landscape has an alien feel to it. Once Blakey Topping comes into view, it dominates the field of vision until you arrive at the stones. The hill is unusual, and is strongly reminiscent of Silbury Hill. The surrounding landscape is quite bleak, and there was something about it that I found uncomfortable and inhospitable. Perhaps it was just the concrete track approaching the farm which detracted from the ambience. The farm itself was squalid, further adding to the oppressive atmosphere.

I had a better feeling upon reaching the stones. Despite being exposed to the elements, the site offered a sense of sanctuary and shelter. The dramatic views lent a powerful sense of place.

This is a very unusual site. I can't recommend it, yet I found it strangely compelling.