Isle of Albion
Part of the Carnac World Heritage Site.
Photographed: Tuesday 4th May 2010
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The Carnac Megalithic Complex

The Carnac Megalithic Complex is a dense and extensive collection of megalithic sites situated mostly to the north of the village of Carnac. It consists of stone alignments, burial chambers, and individual standing stones. Over 3,000 stones were erected at this Neolithic site, largely around 3,300BC, with some dating back as early as 4,500BC. It is thought to be the largest collection of of standing stones in the world.

The Carnac complex can be slightly overwhelming, and it's a good idea to do some research before visiting, as there's a lot here that would be easy to miss. It also helps to have a mental image of the lay-out of the site, as this helps put things in perspective on the ground.

Access to the alignments at Carnac is now prevented by a low wire fence, due to excessive erosion caused by large numbers of tourists. However, access is still allowed out of season, but specific dates should be checked before travel.

The Alignements de Ménec

The Alignements de Ménec consist of eleven converging rows of menhirs, running for approximately 1,165 metres. The largest stones are approximately 4 metres tall, and are located at the western end of the alignments.

The Alignements de Ménec are located at the western end of the Carnac complex, and are one of the more visually striking collections of stones.