Isle of Albion
A pleasant walk to an unassuming monument.
Photographed: Friday 7th May 2010
Other Names: Maison de Viviane
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L'Hotié de Viviane (also known as La Maison de Viviane) is a Neolithic burial chamber, dating back to approximately 2500BC. It has not been reconstructed, and survives untouched in remarkably good condition. The site was excavated in 1982-83, at which time polished axe heads and fragments of charred wood were unearthed, dating back to around 3500BC-2500BC.

L'Hotié de Viviane is connected to the Arthurian legends that are associated in turn with the mythical forest of Brocéliande (commonly held to be Paimpont forest, which surrounds this area). Legend holds that the tomb was once home to the sorceress Viviane, in the time before she met Merlin.

L'Hotié de Viviane can be a little difficult to find, but it's worth the effort. The walk up through the woods is pleasant, and the location offers good views out over the surrounding countryside.