Isle of Albion
Best view of an airport you'll ever have.
Photographed: Tuesday 23rd April 2013
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Tyrebagger is a stone circle approximately 60ft in diameter, consisting of a eight stones, along with a recumbent stone and its two flanking stones.

The recumbent stone is estimated to weigh in the region of 20 tons, and measures approximately 10ft in length and 7ft in height. The tallest of the two flanking stones rises to about 10ft. The remaining stones in the circle gradually reduce in height as they arc away from the recumbent, declining to around 4ft at the shortest stone.

Tyrebagger stone circle sits in a clump of beech trees high up on Tyrebagger Hill, overlooking Aberdeen International Airport. It's a curious location - pleasantly rural on the one hand, but juxtaposed with the discordant industrial landscape to the south east. On balance, the immediate setting of the stones is sufficiently overwhelming in its ambience to more than adequately compensate for the mildly jarring view below - a view which remains on the edge of awareness, rather than dominating the visitor's experience of the site.

Turning away from the modern tableau, Tyrebagger stone circle is a tranquil monument, cocooned amongst the surrounding trees, and approached via a pleasant walk up through the surrounding woodland. It is unusual in having survived largely unspoiled since the time of its erection, unlike many other damaged and destroyed stone circles. Tyrebagger is a real gem - an unlikely survivor on the edge of the encroaching world. Highly recommended for a visit.