Isle of Albion
Panoramic views from a recumbent stone circle.
Photographed: Tuesday 23rd April 2013
Other Names: Parkhouse Hill
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Aikey Brae is a recumbent stone circle consisting of ten stones - five upright (including the recumbent) and five fallen - which dates back to around 2000BC. The recumbent stone weighs in at over 20 tonnes. The stones sit atop an artificial circular bank, consisting of small stones and soil. The bank has a diameter of 14.m, with kerb-stones around its base.

Aikey Brae is probably amongst the lesser-known stone circles of Aberdeenshire, but is nevertheless one of the finer examples. The track-way leading up through the woods lends an air of mystery, and creates an added sense of impact when the circle emerges into view. The trees surround it on the north side, meaning that the exposed side is mostly south facing, allowing the stones to catch the sun for most of the day. The panoramic views across the landscape beneath the circle also add to the ambience.