Isle of Albion
Fairy-tale stone circle on The Isle of Mull.
Photographed: Wednesday 1st October 2014
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Lochbuie is a granite stone circle approximately twelve metres in diameter. Originally consisting of nine stones, eight now remain, of which the tallest stone rises to around two metres in height. Three outliers are located in the same field, with the tallest rising to an impressive three metres.

Set within the grounds of Lochbuie House (which is well hidden from the circle and doesn't intrude upon the setting), Lochbuie is the only stone circle on The Isle of Mull. Overlooked by Ben Buie rising ominously in the near distance, and surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of hills, this is a very well preserved and enchanting site.

Although not particularly difficult to get to once you're on the island, it's still a reasonable trek, so it's not a circle that anyone's going to stumble across by chance. Even in fair weather, the field is very boggy, so be prepared to get your feet wet. Getting here is definitely worth the effort and I'd highly recommend seeking out Lochbuie if you get the chance.