Isle of Albion
The unrivalled stones of The Isle of Arran.
Photographed: Friday 10th October 2014
Other Names: Fingal's Cauldron Seat (Suidh Coire Fhionn)
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Machrie Moor V is a stone circle dating back to roughly 2000BC. It consists of two concentric rings of stones, formed by granite boulders. The inner ring is around 12m in diameter, and contains eight stones. The outer circle is around 18m in diameter, and consists of fifteen stones.

After approaching Machrie Moor along the track from the main road, you will have passed the Moss Farm Road circle as your first taster of things to come. The show really gets underway when you climb the slight rise up to Machrie Moor V, taking in the sight of the ruined farm below and to your left, the bleak beauty of the Machrie Moor peat bog with other stones visible ahead of you to the east, and the mountains of Arran forming a dramatic backdrop in the distance. Breathtaking and moving - an experience best compared to a pilgrimage.