Isle of Albion
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Ruined cousin of the larger circles at Stanton Drew.
First Photographed: Saturday 2nd August 2003
Last Photographed: Saturday 5th May 2007
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The south west arrangement at Stanton Drew consists of 11 stones (out of an original 12) forming a circle approximately 42 metres across. The circle is aligned with the Great Circle and Hautville's Quoit - the remains of an outlier stone about half a kilometre to the north east.

Access to the south west circle is much easier than it once was. A footpath now leads directly from the field containing the Great Circle. The south west circle is enclosed in a small area of land that's often overgrown, making it difficult to see the stones - which are all recumbent. This makes for a rather underwhelming experience, but the circle is still a "must see", if only to obtain a complete impression of the Stanton Drew complex.