Isle of Albion
Last Update (21.01.2018): I wasn't satisfied with the look of these photographs, so I re-visited the original files and re-processed them. I hope that the result is a better looking set of images, with more detail in the shadow and on the surfaces of the stones.
Sweeping panorama of Kenmore Bay and the mountains beyond.
First Photographed: Monday 21st August 2006
Last Photographed: Monday 3rd September 2007
Other Names: Canfea
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Ardgroom stone circle is approximately 7 metres in diameter. It contains 11 stones - 9 standing and 2 fallen - with a number of the original stones now missing. These slender stones vary in height, with the tallest rising to around 2 metres. A single outlier stands 6 metres to the east.

Ardgroom is an easy circle to find, and is approached across farmland from the east. Stepping blocks are conveniently placed to aid the visitor in crossing the marshy land during wetter periods. On the occasions of my visits (August and September), I have always found the ground dry and easy to navigate.

This craggy and jagged monument occupies a spectacular position. Crouched on a flat plateau overlooking the beautiful Kenmare Bay and the mountains beyond, few circles can boast such a stunning location. Every stone has its own distinct character, enhanced by the rich lichens that coat them. Everything about this circle is powerful and evocative - a breath of fresh air for the soul.