Isle of Albion
Secluded ruin featuring one of Scotland's oldest buildings.
Photographed: Friday 10th October 2014
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Skipness Castle dates back to the early 13th century and a time when Argyle was under Norse rule. It is believed that the main structure was built by either Sven ‘the Red’, founder of Clan MacSween, or his son Dugald. Later fortifications and modifications took place right through until the 16th Century.

In 1263AD Skipness Castle was surrendered to the MacDonalds, with the Norsemen withdrawing to Orkney in the east. It was to pass through various hands until finally being abandoned around 1700AD.

Skipness Castle commands excellent views across to Arran and is located close to a ferry crossing. This makes it a fantastic site to visit. Tucked away where it is, visitors are few. Surprisingly, the ruins survive in good condition and there is much here to see - including the main tower house which has been restored with roof and internal flooring.