Isle of Albion
Evocative stone triangle on Ynys Môn.
Photographed: Friday 19th October 2012
Other Names: Llanfechell Triangle
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Mein Hirion is a monument consisting of three standing stones, all around six feet tall, placed in a triangular arrangement. They sit atop a low ridge, commanding views across the north west of Ynys Môn.

The stones are very distinctive, with profiles that appear to lean or curve towards the inside of the triangle, creating a sense of enclosed space, like a fist beginning to clench.

The walk up to the stones is potentially very boggy in wet weather. When I visited, the ground was still sodden from rain a day or two previously, and the fields would have been impassible without decent footwear.

I approached Mein Hirion at the end of a day of exploration on Ynys Môn. The light was fading, but the views out towards the horizon were still impressive - especially when the sun briefly broke through the clouds. This is an unusual and atmospheric collection of stones, full of character, benefiting from a commanding position that lends them an air of authority as they stand timeless watch over the surrounding landscape.