Isle of Albion
Imposing Irish stones with dramatic views.
Photographed: Friday 5th October 2007
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Breeny More is a ruined stone circle. Originally 14 metres in diameter, only the two portal stones remain standing. These are approximately 1.8 metres in height. They are flanked by three fallen stones, and a recumbent axial stone lies on the opposite side of the circle.

The centre of the circle features a rectangular arrangement of four large "boulder burials". These are sites where human remains (usually cremated) are buried, before being capped by a boulder dolmen.

Despite its ruined state, Breeny More is an atmospheric site, benefiting from spectacular views out towards Bantry Bay and Whiddy Island. On a warm day, this is an excellent spot from which to sit and take in the surrounding panorama. Getting here can be a little awkward, and there was evidence that the ground may become marshy in wet weather, but the experience is well worth the effort.