Isle of Albion
Spectacular views over Bantry Bay
Photographed: Wednesday 5th September 2007
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Kealkil is a curious monument, consisting of a small stone circle, a cairn, and two large outliers. The circle consists of five stones of varying size, all around 1 metre in height. The two monoliths stand five metres to the north east of the circle, with the larger stone measuring 4.9 metres in height, and the shorter one 2.6 metres. The cairn is located south east of the monoliths, and had an external diameter of 8 metres, and features an internal ring of pointed kerb-stones, 6.4 metres in diameter.

The Kealkil site is situated on a shoulder of Maughanclea Hill, high above Kealkil village. Its position provides breathtaking views out over the Irish countryside, most notably taking in the spectacular vista of Bantry Bay to the west. Access is easy, with the circle lying a short walk from a convenient lay-by on the nearby road. A signpost helps point the visitor in the right direction, and an adequate track way runs close to the circle. In dry weather, crossing the final field presented no difficulty, but I can imagine the ground could become very marshy after rain.

Kealkil is a stunning little site - wonderful in its own right, but also enhanced by its location and by the proximity of Breeny More. Although the circle and cairn are both worthy of attention, it's really the two huge monoliths that dominate. Their stature and slender elegance create a dramatic visual impact that's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.