Isle of Albion
Imposing tomb hidden in the back lanes.
Photographed: Saturday 12th June 2004
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Arthur's Stone is a Neolithic burial chamber that dates from around 3700-2700BC. This is a multi-chambered tomb, featuring an elongated, curving passage leading towards two inner chambers. It's not known whether the passage was originally covered. Nine upright stones support a capstone that weighs in at an impressive 25 tons.

Local legends give the stones various Arthurian associations - from famous battles to the place of his burial. All of them are spurious at best, but they add colour and flavour to an already wistful site.

Not quite as hard to find as I expected and certainly worth the journey, Arthur's stone really is in the middle of nowhere. The setting is wonderfully secluded and makes for a real sense of adventure when you're trying to find the place - and a real sense of satisfaction when you finally do.

My overwhelming impression of these stones was that they'd be best enjoyed with a tent, a bottle of wine, and a camp-fire. There's something about the place that simply demands you spend some quality time here. Unfortunately I was just passing through - but I have a feeling I'll be back.