Isle of Albion
Gnarly wedge tomb.
Photographed: Thursday 6th September 2007
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Lough Gur is a wedge tomb, about nine metres in length, divided into an entrance and main chamber. It sits next to the road on the slope of a low hill, close to the edge of the lake of Lough Gur. Excavations in 948 uncovered pottery and the remains of eight adults and four children.

I visited Lough Gur in the dying light at the end of a long day, shortly after stopping at Grange Lios stone circle. The eery light of the gloaming hour lent the site an air of magic and mystery. The surrounding trees hunker down over the tomb, giving it the feel of a haunted fairy glen. I had initially been concerned that darkness would close in before I arrived, but as it turned out, this was the perfect time of day to visit this site.

Lough Gur wedge tomb forms part of a much wider Neolithic landscape. As well as Grange Lios stone circle, the remains of other circles, tombs and various monuments litter the surrounding area. All in all, very much worth a visit, but try and allow at least half a day to explore the area if you wish to do it justice.