Isle of Albion
Popular and accessible dolmen tomb with spectacular views.
Photographed: Sunday 4th April 2010
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Pentre Ifan is the remains of a burial chamber that dates back to around 3,500BC. It consists of a huge capstone, supported on the tips of three upright stones. The capstone is estimated to weigh in the region of 16 tonnes. Several stones from the chamber forecourt also survive.

Pentre Ifan is one of the most popular megalithic sites in Wales - and it shows. Despite its relatively secluded position, visitors seem to flock here in their droves. When I stopped by in April, there was a steady stream of families and couples wandering in and out of the site.

Pentre Ifans stands on a ridge commanding excellent views out over the Nevern valley, which makes the setting quite stunning on a sunny day. However, this also makes the site very exposed in wind or rain. It's a dramatic place whatever the weather though, and well worth a visit.