Isle of Albion
Last Update (26.09.2021): Added a few images from a stay near the circle in 2019.
Small stone circle on a boggy moor with panoramic views.
First Photographed: Saturday 13th November 2010
Last Photographed: Saturday 13th July 2019
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Gors Fawr is a stone circle around 22 metres in diameter, consisting of 16 standing stones, none of which rise above two feet or so in height. The taller stones lie to the south, declining in height towards the north of the circle.

Two outlying stones to the north east align to the sunrise on the summer solstice. The larger of these is around six feet in height, and is known as "The Dreaming Stone". The second stone rises to about five feet. Some accounts suggest that they were originally part of an avenue leading off from the circle.

Gors Fawr stands on a boggy moor close to the village of Mynachlog-ddu and overlooked by the Preseli Mountains. To the north/north east, Carn Meini looms on the horizon - a jagged hill known locally as "The Dragon's Back". The setting is bleak, but strikingly beautiful. The views surrounding the circle are magnificent, and on a fresh day, this is a powerfully invigorating site to visit.