Isle of Albion
Magical stones in a woodland setting.
Photographed: Monday 22nd September 2003
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Doll Tor is roughly dated at 2000-1500BC. It consists of six stones small stones - no more than a few feet in height - with an attached cairn. Surrounded on three sides by trees, the view opens out to the West across a spectacular panorama of Derbyshire countryside.

Doll Tor is a magical little stone circle. As with so many Neolithic remains though, the location really lends that extra special something. The site is as secluded as you could possibly wish. Only the most committed of megalithic tourists will ever find it, since the lack of any public footways should serve as a deterrent to the more casual visitor.

Having made the effort to locate it, you can expect to be enchanted by the fairy-like ambience of the stones. You'll also be inspired by the magnificent views out over the Peaks which can be enjoyed from the edge of the trees.

The site is cared for by English Heritage and a reconstruction project has recently been carried out to repair earlier damage and return the stones to their original condition. The monument as you see it now should differ little from how it looked at the time of construction.