Isle of Albion
Located on private farmland within site of a busy motorway.
Photographed: Saturday 17th July 2010
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Gunnerkeld is a site consisting of two concentric stone circles, with an inner ring of approximately 18 metres in diameter and an outer ring of approximately 28 metres in diameter. The inner circle is more complete, but the condition of both circles is fairy ruinous.

Of the outer ring, approximately 18 stones survive. Most are fallen, but three remain standing. The inner ring consists or roughly 30 stones, all of which are essentially recumbent.

Gunnerkeld stone circle is located right next to the M6 - which isn't immediately apparent in these photographs. To give an idea of just how close it is, you're likely to witness drivers waving at you as they pass. However, despite the proximity of the motorway, and despite the poor condition of the stones, there really is something a little special about this site. Surprisingly, it's very much worth a visit. Be warned though - despite appearances, it's a bit of a trek to get to from the motorway, since the nearest junction is a fair distance away. Allow about twenty minutes from leaving the M6.

Gunnerkeld is on private farmland, and you will need to ask the farmer's permission in order to visit it. I found the farmer extremely friendly and helpful. He was very happy to have people visiting the stones, and offered clear directions. Please help to encourage this attitude by treating him with courtesy and respect if you visit. The walk to the stone circle takes you directly past the front of his home, so his tolerance is really quite exceptional.