Isle of Albion
Huge megalithic alignments close to the sea.
Photographed: Thursday 13th May 2010
Other Names: Menhirs de Camaret
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The Lagatjar alignments consist of over 80 standing stones, mostly arranged in three large lines. The longest alignment is around 200 metres in length, with two shorter rows extending off at right angles. The stones are quartz rock, and the largest stands at around 2.5 metres. The arrangement is also complimented by a number of outliers.

The Lagatjar alignments stand on a flat heath to the west of Camaret, a short distance from the sea. Although the immediate setting is uninspiring - with a caravan park visible to the north - there is still something quite beautiful about this site. A stunning beach lies just to the west, and is complimented by fantastic coastal scenery.