Isle of Albion
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Fantastically atmospheric, secluded and well preserved manor house.
Photographed: Saturday 28th January 2006
Other Names: Hen Gastell y Bewpyr, Beaupre Castle
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Old Beaupre Manor (or Old Beaupre Castle, as it is otherwise known) was built around 1300AD as a fortified manor house, occupied by the Basset family. During the 16th Century, extensive remodelling work was carried out, adding an outer gatehouse, a renaissance porch, and creating an enclosed inner courtyard.

Following the English Civil War, the Basset's fortunes declined, and they eventually sold Old Beaupre in 1709AD. The site changed hands on a number of subsequent occasions, but the house was never re-occupied and fell into decay.

Today, Old Beaupre Manor is a well-preserved, isolated ruin in the care of CADW. One corner of the building is incorporated into a later farmhouse, but the rest is open to the public and free to explore. The magnificent Renaissance porch is particularly noteworthy. Since my last visit, extensive restoration work has apparently been carried out, so expect the buildings to look better preserved than they do in the above photographs.

This is a highly atmospheric site, set amidst beautiful countryside, and very much off the beaten track. Few people seem to visit here, so there's a good chance of having the place to yourself. Highly recommended.