Isle of Albion
Restored passage grave with limited access.
Photographed: Friday 19th October 2012
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Barclodiad-y-Gawres is a Neolithic passage grave, famous for the carvings found on the stones of its interior. It consists of an entrance passage opening out onto a central chamber, with side chambers to the east and west, and a further chamber facing the entrance passage. It was excavated during 1952AD–1953AD, and was subsequently roofed with a concrete dome for conservation purposes. This was grassed over to give the tomb an authentic appearance.

Sadly, access to the interior is now restricted due to instances of vandalism, and needs to be pre-arranged with the nearby Wayside Stores, whose staff will accompany anyone wishing to view the chambers. Unfortunately, this was not possible at the time of my visit, so I was unable to photograph the engravings for which this site is noted.

Barclodiad-y-Gawres benefits from a striking location overlooking the coast of Anglesey, but the extensive restoration and difficulty gaining access do somewhat distract from the pleasure of visiting this site.