Isle of Albion
Sadly ruinous site heavily encroached upon by modern development.
Photographed: Friday 19th October 2012
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Trefignath is a chambered tomb dating back to around 3100BC. It consists of three separate chambers, with the central and eastern chambers added during the centuries following the western chamber's construction.

The central chamber is totally collapsed, with its large capstone broken in two. The western chamber has no capstone, but its side slabs are upright. The eastern chamber is the most impressive. Partially reconstructed in 1980, it features two dominant portal stones, a large chamber, and is topped by a substantial capstone - although this is partially supported by a modern brick pillar.

Trefignath is a conflicted site. To the north east, views are blighted by an aluminium smelting works on the opposite side of the A55 dual carriageway. To the south and west, the site is bordered by a new road, which is intended to provide access to planned developments such as a truck stop and manufacturing warehouse on the edge of Holyhead. However, at the time of writing, the filed in which the burial chamber sits is yet to be significantly impacted upon by future developments, and represents an oasis of pleasant tranquillity in a slowly encroaching industrial landscape. Despite the unfortunate setting, this is still a place of beauty and worth the effort of a visit.

It is worth noting - as will be evident from the directions that can be accessed from the sidebar - there is no parking provided anywhere convenient for this site. It is possible to park unobtrusively and safely, but not legally. This area is still under development at the time of writing, so the situation may yet change for the worse or for the better.