Isle of Albion
Complete and undamaged stone circle in a peaceful copse.
Photographed: Monday 22nd April 2013
Other Names: Seanhinny
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Sunhoney is a Neolithic stone circle of the "recumbent" type, about 25 metres in diameter and consisting of 11 red granite standing stones and a single large grey granite horizontal stone. Two of the upright stones flank the recumbent, and these both stand at around two metres in height.

The recumbent stone is aligned with a view of a distant hillside from which the sun and moon can be seen to rise and set at particular times of the year.

Inside the circle is the ruins of a ring cairn, which was a later addition. This was excavated in 1865AD when cremation remains were discovered.

Sunhoney is a spectacular stone circle. Located in a wooded copse, isolated from the surrounding farmland by a low boundary wall, it is the absolute epitome of the magical fairy ring of myth and legend. The mature trees that encompass the circle (oak, ash and beech, amongst others) create a distinctive air of otherworldliness and calm, cradling the site in protected isolation from the outside world.

Sunhoney appears to have survived undisturbed throughout the many generations since it was built - highly unusual, give its location in the middle of farmland - and all of the original stones are present and standing. When compared to many of its ruinous contemporaries, this makes Sunhoney particularly special. This is a real gem of a site and should top the list of anyone's sites to see when visiting Aberdeenshire.