Isle of Albion
Large and overgrown Irish stone circle.
Photographed: Tuesday 15th October 2013
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Broadleas is a late Neolithic or early Bronze age stone circle. It consists of a questionable number of stones, with the overgrown nature of the site leading to reports of anything between 27 and 39. Many are obviously missing, and the original figure may have been closer to 50. The circle is 30 metres in diameter, with the largest boulder rising to about 1 metre in height.

Broadleas benefits from being set atop a slighty elevated platform, interspersed with native trees - ash, holly and hawthorn, all with strong pre-Christian associations. One stone in particular stands out, being split down the middle with a holly tree growing up from it. Broadleas feels a little more wild and neglected than some of the other stone circles in the vicinity. Maybe it's less visited being slightly further away from the main road than the nearby Castleruddery and Athgreany. The heavy vegetation makes it hard to get a true feel for the circle, but it also lends a bit of mystery.

It's worth noting that while I've not read of any problems accessing the site, it's technically on private land.