Isle of Albion
Ruined stone circle in the Welsh Marches.
First Photographed: Sunday 13th July 2003
Last Photographed: Sunday 9th July 2006
Other Names: Medgel's Fold
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Mitchell's Fold (or "Medgel's Fold") is a stone circle some 27 metres in diameter. It's believed to have consisted of 30 stones originally, with 14 still existing today. Most of the remaining stones are under a metre in height and fairly underwhelming, but the largest stone is more striking, towering over its fellows to a height of two metres.

Mitchell's Fold was originally one of three stone circles in this immediate area. The Hoarstones still survive on private land about a mile away, but The Whetstones were destroyed in the 19th Century.

A local legend tells how a giant once kept his marvellous cow amongst the stones. This cow would provide unlimited milk to all who milked her. That is until one day an evil witch milked her dry through the use of a sieve - the details of this procedure being peculiarly vague! At this point, the cow fled, and the witch was turned to stone as a punishment.

This legend has many variations - some mention the giant, others suggest the cow arrived by chance. Some talk of the stones as a pen for the cow, others tell how the stones were erected to contain the witch. The only consistent elements are the inexhaustible cow and the evil witch that milked her dry.

Mitchell's fold isn't one of the most visually impressive circles in Britain, but its location adds enough ambience to lend it a peculiar magic of its own. Set high upon a ridge of the Shropshire hills, the views out to the West add a spectacular backdrop to the monument. The wind seems to blow incessantly, in turns annoying, invigorating, frustrating and refreshing. A visit to this circle will really blow the mental cobwebs away. It's a place where you'll really feel alive.