Isle of Albion
Neolithic chambered tomb dating back to around 2500BC.
Photographed: Saturday 7th August 2004
Other Names: Giant's Table, Giant's Tomb
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Lanyon Quoit is a Neolithic chambered tomb dating back to around 2500BC. It stands to a height of 1.5 metres, with a capstone that weighs approximately 12 tonnes. It collapsed in 1815AD and was subsequently re-erected, minus one supporting stone that was too badly damaged to restore. Allegedly, prior to the restoration, the quoit was high enough to allow someone to sit on horseback beneath it. The site is also known as "Giant's Table" or "Giant's Tomb", in reference to the local legend that tells how a giant's bones were discovered buried within.

At the south end of the mound surrounding the quoit, there are the remains of a number of smaller burial chambers (cists), which may possibly have been connected to Lanyon Quoit as part of a single large mound. Equally, they may have been later additions.

Although not the most impressive of monuments, Lanyon Quoit is certainly worth a visit - especially with Men-An-Tol a mere five minutes up the road.

This is a site that I photographed some years ago and never got round to adding to the website, so the quality of the photographs isn't the best. Hopefully, I'll make a return visit before too long.