Isle of Albion
A dolmen tomb located close to Dartmoor.
First Photographed: Wednesday 2nd June 2004
Last Photographed: Monday 25th May 2020
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Spinster's Rock is the remains of a Neolithic dolmen tomb. Three granite supports hold a capstone measuring about 4.5 by 3.1 metres. The supporting stones range between 1.7 and 2.3 metres in height.

Situated in a farmer's field (with public access) not far from Dartmoor, this is a pleasant little site that feels quite secluded and tranquil. The surrounding landscape is lush and verdant from late spring onwards. A good stop-off on your way to the moor!

I first visited Spinster's Rock in 2004, but I never got round to publishing the photographs as they were quite low quality and there weren't many of them. A recent visit in 2020 allowed me to take some shots worth sharing.