Isle of Albion
The oldest burial monument in Kilmartin Glen.
Photographed: Saturday 27th September 2014
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Nether Largie South is a burial chamber dating back to around 3500BC. It was originally constructed as a long-barrow shaped tomb, with re-modelling work in the Bronze Age resulting in a circular cairn. It continued to be used up until around 1000BC.

In its current form, it rises to a height of about four metres, and has a diameter of around 30 metres. An entrance to the north-east is flanked by large upright stones leading to a central chamber, which is divided into four compartments by large stone slabs. Two satellite cists were recorded during excavations. Only one of these remains visible to the south-west, and is notable for its massive capstone.

Nether Largie South is one of five burial cairns that form a "linear cemetery" in Kilmartin Glen. Thanks to the surviving passageway, it's easily the most visually impressive and interesting of the cluster.