Isle of Albion
Burial cairn with stunning views on The Isle of Arran.
Photographed: Saturday 11th October 2014
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Auchagallon is a burial cairn surrounded by a circle of fifteen upright sandstone slabs, dating back to approximately 2000BC. The circle is roughly 14.5m in diameter, with the stones to the west being slightly larger than those to the east. It's uncertain whether the stones were originally created as a standalone circle, or whether they were originally placed with the intention of containing a burial cairn.

Auchagallon is situated on the Isle of Arran on a slope overlooking the Kilbrannan Sound, with views out to the Kintyre Peninsula on the Scottish mainland beyond. In the opposite direction, the view takes in Machrie Moor. On a clear day, the location is absolutely breathtaking. Low autumn light gives the stones a succulent golden colour, bringing them to life as the sun goes down in the west.