Isle of Albion
Burial chamber on Ynys Môn with huge capstone.
Photographed: Tuesday 11th August 2015
Other Names: Arthur's Quoit, Coetan Arthur
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Lligwy is a Neolithic burial chamber dating back to around 3000BC. Eight upright stones support a capstone measuring around 5.5 metres by 4.5 metres, and weighing an estimated 25 tons. The capstone sits above a natural fissure in the rock below, and a gap between the uprights indicates the likely position of a passage entrance to the chamber.

Lligwy seemed surprisingly busy for a tucked away little corner of Anglesey when I visited. There was a slow but steady stream of people stopping by the monument. The huge capstone makes it particularly impressive as burial chambers go, and the setting is pleasant enough. Access is easy, with the site being located right next to the road, but parking in the narrow country lane can be awkward.